TR Fittings & Features


Club A and Club B boats are supplied with lightweight carbon and PVC foam sandwich stretchers. There is a choice between shoes and flexfoot:

Swift shoes Flexfoot
Club A Standard Standard
Club B Standard Standard
Swift’s own rowing shoes Heel restraints and solid heels for safety (approved by USRowing and British Rowing), rounded heels for a good fit.

Shoe sizes

For shoes, the order form needs to be completed with European shoe sizes. Please use this chart to help you.


Colour options

All hulls are light grey, and there are 4 possibilities for the upper part of the boat (decks and cockpit), so:
Light grey hull/red upper
Light grey hull/aqua blue upper
Light grey hull/yellow upper
Light grey hull/Light grey upper

Color&RAL Name Hull color Upper color
RAL 7035 Light grey Yes Yes
RAL 3001 Red No Yes
RAL 5012 Aqua blue No Yes
RAL 1018 Yellow No Yes

PLEASE NOTE that the colours shown here are only very approximate representations.
If the choice of colour is very important, then you should check the colour using the RAL numbers listed above.

Name on boat

50mm tall, arial font, in UPPER CASE & lower case. MUST be ordered at the same time as boat. Ask Distributor about cost.

Seat types

All boats are supplied with lightweight carbon seat tops.

Club B boats are supplied with moulded plastic seat top.
A. Single action type with bearings, height adjustable. B. Double action type (add extra 220g per seat)

Notes on Riggers

Our riggers are made from high grade aluminium, welded to the optimum design and hard anodised for a long lasting finish.
All are adjustable for span, work height and pitch.
We guarantee the accuracy of our span, work height and pitch, see website for details.

Aluminium stern wing riggers – heavy duty

Scull riggers using a heavy duty aerofoil profile, for use without backstays, ideal for lower ability crews and recreational rowing, mounted over the foot stretcher.

All measurements are in millimeters or degrees.  ±3mm, ±0.3 degrees is the margin of error we work to.
Span and work height are calculated:

  • From the boat's center line, when the pin is in the MIDDLE position of the rigger block.
  • When the oarlock is vertically in the MIDDLE position of the pin.
  • When Ali Reverse Wing riggers (1x only) are fixed to boats with 1 piece of 10mm spacer.
  • From the curve around the hole in the seat top to the sill of the oarlock.

Trainer 1x are only available with our "heavy duty ali wing riggers", that are not supplied with backstays.

Work height adjustment: Work height
per rigger
by pin washers by 10mm spacers by rigger height by height wedge
Heavy duty ali wing riggers ±18mm ±10mm ±28mm ±21mm

Ali Wing riggers have ±10mm extra work height adjustment with Swift's "10mm spacers", Prod# Rig33 (1 set supplied as standard).

For Ali Wing and EURO riggers, lateral pitch can be easily adjusted with our pin wedges, Rig10A (1 degree wedges supplied as standard).

Quick release (for wing riggers)

Our wing rigger quick release system is precision made, easy to use and reliable.

Quick Release (QR) parts are the same height as our standard 10mm spacer. Therefore when QR parts are used adjustability of work height is reduced by 10mm.

For more information, please see the file "QR Installation".