Swift Racing’s Eights - the under-appreciated weapon in Swift’s arsenal!

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“If you are a School or University coach, you have to be looking at Swift Racing’s Eights. As much boat and performance as I have experienced with any other brand, but with cash left over to hire a coach or get a couple of pairs. If you want to match the top guys next year, you need to do something different to what you did last year!”

Pete Wells UK

With a hull for all crew sizes, from 100kg right down to the smallest 8+ available, good for youngsters, we have you covered. Get the right hull size for the best experience and the best results.

Mould #808+807+806+805L+822+
Crew weight - kg50-6560-7570-8575-9075-9085-10085-100
Crew weight - lb110-143132-165154-187165-198165-198187-220187-220
Length - cm1600165317001760170017601760
Waterline Beam -cm47.351.653.

Note: 808+ is only available as Club A, with Ali Back riggers, and will be around 96kg.

With various grades (not available in Club B), you can choose the materials and price which best suits your needs, whether that is sending your Junior Women to the World Championships or having fun with Middle Schoolers in a couple of Octuples.

There are multiple rigger choices, and parts & fittings that have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of rowers before you.

For pricing, contact the Distributor for your country or region.

Swift Racing - Making Fast Affordable!