2x/-, the workhorse at many clubs.  A popular boat to race but also a great choice for developing the skills of your team.  Whether you need to build crews for a 4+, 8+ or 4x, nothing teaches crew boat moving and skill like a 2x/-.  It’s like having an Assistant Coach you don’t need to pay or feed!

With many hull sizes to choose from you know that you can get the perfectly sized hull for your crew, not just comfortable, but ergonomically correct. Why waste power in the wrong hull size?

Mould #221-
Crew weight - kg50-6555-6565-7560-7565-8070-8575-9085-100
Crew weight - lb110-143121-143143-165132-165143-176154-187165-198187-220
Length - cm926940940943940958970978
Waterline Beam -cm29.532.132.532.633.034.534.535.0

With various grades, you can choose the materials and price which best suits your needs, whether you are the Organizing Committee of the 2018 Youth Olympics or turning a college freshmen squad into a lean, mean fighting machine by the Spring.

There are multiple rigger choices, and parts & fittings that have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of rowers before you.

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