RS2+ 3x 6+

Swift Racing loves diversity!

When we are asked to make something out of the ordinary, we try our best to help. 

We are able to make 2+ and 3x by taking our super lightweight 4-, and fitting out with customised cockpits. 
Our 2+s are suitable for crews from 60kg to 95kg.
Our 3x is suitable for crews from 67kg to 87kg. 


In the same way, we are able to use our lightweight 8+ mould, fit it out with a customised cockpit, and have a 6+ that is suitable for crews from 80kg to 100kg.

(wng) = Wing rigger only.

Mould #2409L+
Boat type2+2+3x5x6+
Crew weight - kg60-8075-9567-8775-9080-100
Crew weight - lb132-176165-209147-191156-183176-220
Length - cm11501150115012601653
Waterline Beam -cm37.73838.445.051.6


2+ : These use the 409 mould, which is for wing rigger only. Cox can be bow cox or stern cox.

3x : These use the 409 mould, which is for wing rigger only.

5x :

  • These use 408+ mould, with a stern cox (only).
  • You choose either to have only sculling as 5x/4x(+),Or with sweep riggers too, as 5x/4x/+.
  • Boat is supplied with extra riggers and detatchable seat deck to convert from 4x(+) or 4x/+.
  • The boat wil be a little heavier than a normal 408+, and trim will be different between 5x and 4x/+.

6+ : These use 807+ mould.

For pricing, contact the Distributor for your country or region. 
Download the Racing Shell info file.

What is the most unusual boat we have built?

Without doubt, that is the “Push-me-pull-you” boat, that we built for New Zealand sculptor Scott Eady in 2009, and which was exhibited in Cambridge NZ, during the 2010 World Championships.

It is a 2x with 2 bows, no stern, and where the rowersface each other!