Regular Oars

With our durable construction, competitive pricing, choice of grades, lengths and blades, Swift’s scull oars are an ideal choice for all club, school, university and master rowers.

Handles and grips:

We offer 3 grip sizes, on 2 sizes of handle.

Handle size Small Medium Medium
Color code Red Orange Purple
Grip diameter 32mm 35mm 37mm
The external diameter of the handle is cut by CNC machine to fit perfectly inside the shaft, where it is securely held.

Length adjustment

Simply loosening 2 screws allows for quick and easy length adjustment, of up to 6cm. All handles have overall length engraved, so avoiding the need to measure length each time they are adjusted.

Grades of shaft construction

The 3 grades cover the range from minimum weight and high stiffness to slightly heavier with increased flexibility. When considering which grade is most suitable, the key factors should be boat speed and muscle development.


There are 2 lengths of regular scull oar, standard and short:

  A2 blade A3 blade
Standard – Length 286-292 291-297
Standard – Outboard 190-205 195-210
Short – Length 283-289 288-293
Short – Outboard 188.5-203.5 193.5-208.5
Length adjustment 6 6

Outboard = Oar length – Inboard

HP – High Performance

The HP oar shafts are 95% carbon and the same weight and stiffness as racing scull oars from the leading manufacturers.

Blades: Carbon, PVC foam core, clear carbon gel coat finish
Weight: 1.41±0.03kg (maximum variation within 1pair is 20g)
Stiffness: 42±2mm (maximum variation within 1pair is 2mm)

CP – Club Performance

The CP oar shafts are 70% carbon, have about 10% more flex than HP, and are just 70g heavier per oar.
The difference in weight is negligible, but the increased flexibility will benefit everyone that rows in “slower boats”, so should be seriously considered as an alternative to HP.
“Slower boats” includes all 1x, 2-, all beginner crews, most junior crews, most women crews, most masters crews, many LWT crews. There is no loss of boat speed due to a 10% increase in flexibility, but less stress is put on the back at the catch.

Blades: Carbon, PVC foam core, white gel coat finish
Weight: 1.48±0.03kg (maximum variation within 1pair is 20g)
Stiffness: 48±2mm (maximum variation within 1pair is 2mm)

Rec – Recreational

The Rec oar shafts are 40% carbon, have about 20% more flex than CP, and are , just 70g heavier per oar.
They are therefore ideal for young beginners and casual and recreational rowers.

Blades: Carbon & fiberglass, PVC foam core, light grey polyurethane paint finish
Weight: 1.55±0.03kg (maximum variation within 1pair is 30g)
Stiffness: 58±3mm (maximum variation within 1pair is 2mm)

Blades & Edges

All grades are available with either the A2 or A3 (Macon) blade.

  A2 blade A3 blade
Edge Vortex or Plain Plain
Size (L x W) 46×21.5 51×17
Area cm2 785 695

Blade length is along the axis of the shaft, width is maximum width.
Oar covers are available and can be ordered from our website or by contacting us directly.