RS Overview

Swift Racing is well known for its wide range of boat types, from our Cadets for young rowers, Touring Gigs, PARA and of course Coastal. However, our reputation is built on the production of very good Racing Shells at prices that make rowing more accessible than ever before.

This attention to costs has not stopped our Racing Shells being used regularly at the highest level, at Junior, U23 and Senior World Championships, Youth Olympics, Paralympics and even the Olympics, not to mention countless Continental and National Championships around the world.  And not just used, but winning medals, with only an Olympic medal not yet achieved.

Not only do we have well built boats at affordable prices, but when you are choosing a boat for yourself or your club, a critical factor is hull size, and here Swift Racing shows the way with our industry leading range of hulls for varying crew weights.

The single most important factor to consider when choosing a racing shell is the design weight. To maximise your crew’s speed it is essential that they row in a boat that is designed for their weight. With our range of moulds, perhaps the most of any builder, you will be rowing in a boat that was designed for a crew of your weight, not a “cut down” version of some larger boat.
For mould list, please see each boat page.

Since we were established in 2005 we have built well over 10,000 boats, so you can be sure that we have the know how to build your next boat, whether it is for your under 15 Novice quad, your fastest Masters sculler, or your Championship eight.

With a choice of “grades”, depending on your particular needs and budget and with tried and tested riggers and fittings, we have something for everyone.  Download the Racing Shell info file.

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Nothing in life is really free, but Swift Racing is Making Fast Affordable!