R Fittings & Features


For Colours, please see R Colours page.


(PARA and) Rec boats are supplied with lightweight carbon and PVC foam sandwich stretchers. There is a choice between shoes and flexfoot.
Both of these stretcher types can be replaced with plywood, which is heavier, but can be easily customised by the rower/coach.

PBR shoes Active shoes Swift shoes Flexfoot
  Elite plus Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Club A Upgrade Upgrade Standard Standard
  Club B Upgrade Upgrade Standard Standard
Shoes for REC boats

From left: Swift’s own rowing shoes, heel restraints and solid heels for safety (approved by USRowing and British Rowing) - rounded heels for a good fit, Bont Rowing Shoes, size-adjustable shoes by Active Tools.

Shoe sizes

For shoes, the order form needs to be completed with European shoe sizes. Please use this chart to help you.



Rudders are stainless steel, and are available in standard (50x80mm plate) for straight course rowing, or large (80 x 100mm plate) for river rowing.
A rudder will only be supplied if sweep riggers for 2- are ordered.


We currently offer 3 different seats:

[Left] Flat carbon: This is a low profile, flat seat that rowers usually customise with their own padding.
[Center] Bucket seat - small: This seat offers some sideways support, and is popular with some TA rowers.
[Right] Bucket seat - large: This seat offers some sideways support, and is popular with some TA rowers.

Back supports

Back supports are supplied as standard for PARA1x. If you don't want a back support with PARA 1x or if you want back supports with PARA 2x, please fill in details in the order form, and discuss prices with distributor.
There is a choice between 4th greneration and 3rd generation.

Back support 4th generation.
It is adjustable for back angle and height, with the flat carbon seat. There are 4 widths available (230mm, 280mm, 330mm, 380mm).  Except for the carbon back plate, all other parts are interchangeable between the 4 sizes.
Back support 3rd generation.
It is adjustable for back angle and height.
There are 4 widths available (220mm, 260mm, 340mm, 380mm). Except for the upper piece and cushion, all other parts are interchangeable between the 4 sizes.

Seat deck, seat rails

The seat deck on our PARA 1x and 2x is 16mm (compared to 5mm for Olympic type racing boats), to withstand the large forces experienced during PARA rowing.

Our PARA seat rail is of a very simple design. It is a “C” shaped profile, with a large surface on the base, to spread the load over the seat deck. Additionally, each rail is fixed to the seat deck with 7 bolts, to ensure a solid connection between the rail and boat.

Into this “C” profile we slide extra strong “T” shaped bolts, which together with hex locking nuts are used to fix the seat or back support to the seat rails (4 bolts, 1 for each corner). This is not a quick release system, but it does have 2 advantages, in that it can be adjusted with 1 hand, and that when all nuts are tightened, there is zero play/slack.