R Colours & Boat name

Color options

  • Standard: main colour is white, trim colour is black
  • Custom A: A: main is white, trim is a colour other than black – ask distributor about extra cost
  • Custom B: main is NOT white, trim is EITHER black or other colour – ask distributor about extra cost
  • Custom C: all other combinations, such as white hull, red bow and stern canvas, yellow trim – ask distributor about extra cost

Please note; we use the word “trim” to explain the black parts on the boat (bow and stern). All other parts (hull, bow canvas & stern canvas) we call “main”.

The choice of trim and main colors is shown in this chart.

RAL#NameMain ColourTrim ColourRAL#NameMain ColourTrim Colour
RAL 9005BlackNoYesRAL 5012Aqua blueYesYes
RAL 9003WhiteYesYesRAL 6012Hunter greenNoYes
RAL 7036Medium greyYesYesRAL 6001Kelly greenYesYes
RAL 8011Dark brownNoYesRAL 6017Light greenYesYes
RAL 8002Medium brownNoYesRAL 3001RedYesYes
RAL 4008PurpleYesYesRAL 2008OrangeYesYes
RAL 4006MagentaYesYesRAL 3015Light pinkYesYes
RAL 5010Dark blueNoYesRAL 1016Light yellowYesYes
RAL 5015Light blueYesYesRAL 1018YellowYesYes

PLEASE NOTE that the colours shown here are only very approximate representations.
If the choice of colour is very important, then you should check the colour using the RAL numbers listed above.

Chevrons – ask distributor about extra cost

Chevrons need to be ordered on “add notes” page of the order form. All “trim” colours can be used.
“All chevrons are 80mm wide, and the angle is 45 degrees.
Bow chevrons point to bow, stern chevrons point to stern. “Chevron1″ is closest to the center of the boat.”

The photo shows 3 chevrons, not 2. Chevron 1 is green, chevron 2 is yellow, chevron 3 is green.
Example of how to request chevrons:
I want 3 chevrons on bow and stern.Bow: 1st: RAL4006, 2nd: RAL5015, 3rd: RAL1016. Stern: 1st: RAL4006, 2nd: RAL5015, 3rd: RAL1016.

Boat names

50mm tall, arial font, in UPPER CASE & lower case. MUST be ordered at the same time as boat.  Ask Distributor about cost.