PARA & Rec Combination

In Spring 2010 we stopped offering on our price list the combined PARA and recreational 1x and 2x. This does not mean that you cannot use these boats for both purposes. 

If you wish to order a combined boat, please first order the boat as an PARA version. Then you will need to add the following spare parts;

  • Seats (300mm wide)
  • Seat rails (the holes in the seat deck for attaching rails will be the same for PARA and recreational, so it is easy to change the rails)
  • Riggers? (if you order an PARA boat with an especially narrow span etc, you may need to order extra riggers for recreational use)
Mould #PR103-
(Wing only)
(Wing only)
Boat type1x2x/-
Crew weight - kgs60-10560-100
Crew weight - lbs132-231132-220
Length - cms636916
Waterline Beam -cms44.848.2
Production DateSep 12Sep 12
Span - sweepn/a840
Work height - sweepn/a160
Lateral pitch - sweepn/a0
Bow 1/2 span - scull765765
Stroke 1/2 span - scull765765
Bow Work height - scull160160
Str Work height - scull160160
Bow Lateral pitch - scull00
Str Lateral pitch - scull00

From 28 Nov 2012, we use long rigger block for Rec & PARA boats. We have changed the standard span for R102 and R202 to 765mm, which gives a range of 1460-1600mm, so is good for recreational, and might be useful for some PARA crews.

675mm (1280-1420mm range)
720mm (1370-1510mm range)
765mm (1460-1600mm range)

720mm (1370-1510mm range)
765mm (1460-1600mm range)