PARA Riggers & Floats

Riggers & Pontoons/Floats

Our Paralympic winning PARA 1x and 2x are built with extra long cockpits, long stretcher tracks and 6 sets of holes to attach wing riggers, from 30mm towards the stern, and up to 120mm towards the bow.

Combined with adjustments to seat position this allows absolute optimization of the oar angle at the catch and finish, plus the boat’s trim, regardless of whether the rower is heavy or light or has legs or not. The result is a boat that delivers for maximum performance and greater boat speed.

In line with FISA’s rules of racing, only the adaptive 1x is supplied with pontoons/floats. Our pontoons/floats are designed to be used on any rigger that uses a rigger block like our ali wing and ali Euro riggers, ie. with a long hole, that is 12mm wide.

Wing Riggers

Wing riggers have 2 main advantages, they can be moved bowwards and sternwards to finely adjust a boat’s trim, and that as the hull has no ribs, they are suited to rowers with “well developed posteriors”.

They have more clearance from the water, potentially useful in rough conditions, although with a larger surface area there may be more aerodynamic drag.

▶️ Aluminium Reverse Wing Riggers

Wing design using large aerofoil profiles, mounted behind the rower, with a C bracket to hold the pin.

Welded “inside” of the attachment points for excellent stiffness and durability.

Hard anodised.

±30mm of height and ±20mm of span adjustment each side.

Adjustable for lateral pitch.

▶️ Aluminium Stern Wing Riggers – heavy duty for 1x

Wing design using large aerofoil profile, mounted over the foot stretcher, with the rigger pin attached at the base to a rigger block.

Since 2013 we weld “inside” of the attachment points for excellent stiffness and durability.

Hard anodised.

±30mm of height adjustment.

All PARA and Rec Stern Wing Scull Riggers use our extra long rigger block, allowing 70mm span adjustment each side.

Quick release (for wing riggers)

Our wing rigger quick release system is precision made, easy to use and reliable.

Quick Release (QR) parts are the same height as our standard 10mm spacer. Therefore when QR parts are used adjustability of work height is reduced by 10mm.

We guarantee the accuracy of our rigger span, height, pitch to ±3mm, ±0.3.