Oars Overview

Swift Racing Sculling oars

Swift’s scull oars are offered in 3 “grades”, various lengths, 3 grip sizes, 2 blade choices, all with adjustable handles.

All blades are made in house from our own 2 part moulds, designed to be highly resistant to impact damage and water infiltration, through having a strong joint running along the entire edge. They are capped with either a Vortex or Plain “edge”, made from nylon, designed to fit snugly on the tip of our blades, to reduce damage through wear and tear, to the blade tip.

The sleeve and collar are made to the design most popular today, allowing for 15cm of fast but secure adjustment of collar position.

The external diameter of the handle is cut by CNC machine to fit perfectly inside the shaft, where it is securely held. Simply loosening 2 screws allows for quick and easy length adjustment. All handles have overall length engraved, so avoiding the need to measure length each time they are adjusted.

Every oar is checked for weight, stiffness, balance, pitch, and finish quality and paired with an oar with the same specifications. All data is recorded for every oar.

Oar covers are available and can be ordered from our website or by contacting us directly.