GI Fittings & Features

Features common to all touring gigs;

  • Cox position can be convertible to a sculling position (this is optional, not standard).
  • Same shape as those already popular in Europe.
  • Big hatches on each seat deck for storing clothing etc.
  • 40cm hatch on bow canvas, 20cm hatch on stern canvas for storing bigger items.
  • Built in keel for exceptional strength and stiffness, as well as great tracking.
  • Stainless steel keel strip to protect the keel.
  • Handles for easy carrying.
  • Large rudder for good manoeuvrability.
  • Enclosed seat deck for exceptional buoyancy/safety.
  • Supplied with steering stretcher, when ordered with extra sculling position.



For Riggers, please see GI Riggers Option page.


For Colours, please see GI Colours page.


Gigs are supplied with lightweight carbon and PVC foam sandwich stretchers. There is a choice between shoes and flexfoot:

PBR shoes Active shoes Swift shoes Flexfoot
  Elite plus Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Club A Upgrade Upgrade Standard Standard
  Club B Upgrade Upgrade Standard Standard

Shoes for RS

From left: Bont Rowing Shoes, size-adjustable shoes by Active Tools,   Swift’s own rowing shoes, heel restraints and solid heels for safety (approved by USRowing and British Rowing), rounded heels for a good fit.

Shoe sizes

For shoes, the order form needs to be completed with European shoe sizes. Please use this chart to help you.


Seat types

All boats are supplied with lightweight carbon seat tops.

Club B boats are supplied with moulded plastic seat top.
A. Single action type with bearings, height adjustable. B. Double action type (add extra 220g per seat)

Wave break

There is an option with Gigs to have an additional wave break that can be easily screwed to the boat's normal wave break. This gives some extra protection from big waves.