GI 4x/+

Gig 4x 

Mould #Gig4+CGig4+
Boat type4x/+/5x4x/+/5x
Crew weight - kg65-9565-95
Crew weight - lb143-209143-209
Length - cm10971100
Waterline Beam -cm6667

Touring Gig 4+

The Touring Gig 4+ is available with sweep riggers only, scull riggers only, or with both sweep and scull riggers, so can be rowed as 4x+, 4+, or even as 5x.


  • Length: 10.97m (36 feet)
  • Width at top of saxboards (excluding width of lip): 74cm (29.1 inches)
  • Overall depth at mid-point (including height of lip): 34cm (13.4 inches)
  • Weight depends upon rigger type, and whether it is scull or sweep, and also whether the grade is Club A or Club B. As a guide, with sweep Euro riggers, Club A is about 79kg, and Club B is about 87kg. Add 4 kg for scull riggers. If you need exact details, please contact your distributor.

Boat weights

The final weight of each boat depends upon the following:

Grade: Elite is the lightest, followed by Club A, then Club B.
Rigger type: Ali Back riggers are the lightest, then Euro riggers, and Ali Wing are the heaviest.

  Elite Club A Club B
Touring gigs 4x/+ Scull Sweep Scull Sweep Scull Sweep
Boat with Ali Wing rigger 77 (169.5lbs) 73 (160.5lbs) 84 (185lbs) 80 (176lbs) 93 (204.5lbs) 89 (196lbs)
Increase for 5x 4 (9lbs) n/a 4 (9lbs) n/a 4 (9lbs) n/a