CO Fittings & Features


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Active shoes Swift shoes Flexfoot
  Elite carbon Standard Standard Standard
  Elite plus Upgrade Standard Standard
Swift Original Rowing Shoes Swift Adjustable Shoes Active Tool Shoes
Swift’s own rowing shoes: Sizes 37-54 available. Heel restraints and solid heels for safety, rounded heels for a good fit. Approved by USRowing and British Rowing. Active Tools adjustable shoes: 2 sizes available: 40-45 and 43-48


For shoes, the order form needs to be completed with European shoe sizes. Please use this chart to help you.


Seat type

Club Performance boats are supplied with lightweight carbon seat tops.

A. Single action type with bearings, height adjustable.

B. Double action type (add extra 220g per seat)


The 4x+ has a fin/rudder system, just in front of the cox.
There are 2 options for rudders: race rudder is recommended for racing, beach sprint rudder can be used for beach sprint races.
The 1x and 2x can be supplied with an optional shoe controlled, stern-mounted rudder, which can be pulled up out of the water.


For 1x and 2x there are 3 options for fins; small is recommended for 1x, medium for 2x, and a low profile fin which can be useful for beach sprint races and rowing in shallow water. Fins can be easily changed from 1 type to another with 2.5mm Allen key.

There is also a choice of fin box position, standard and "beach sprint". The beach sprint position is about 1m closer to the midships (still well behind), so it is easier to turn which is good for a short slalom type race such as beach sprints. It is also less likely to scrape against the beach at start.

From left: large (205mm), small (160m), beach sprint (80mm)