Coastal Oars

With a choice of A2 big blade or A3 macon blade, Swift Racing coastal oars have the strength and toughness needed to cope with the full mix of extreme conditions that you will encounter – turbulent winds, rough water, severe swirls, oar clashes, collisions with other boats, to name just a few.

Swift Racing coastal/offshore boats and oars have the best combination of strength, durability and performance you’ll need to ensure that you have the edge, in all conditions.

6 Reasons to use a Swift Racing Coastal/Offshore boat and oars:

  • FISA certified specification for international competition.
  • Championship winning and record-breaking design and technology.
  • Optimum level of safety features, to cope with the extremes of offshore rowing.
  • Features to protect the equipment when used in shallow water i.e. beaches.
  • Design features to ensure ease of loading, carrying, transport and storage between locations.
  • Multiple set-up combinations to accommodate choices of scull or sweep rowing, as well
    as steering and coxed or coxless options

To find out more about your ideal specification of coastal boat or oars, please contact us, or find your local distributor here..